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well i was talking to hayli and christmas came up. now i am depressed because there is no christmas for me. my parents work christmas eve and my dad is working christmas day, becuase his boss is being an ass hole. o well i am not having christmas this year. i am not getting anything except from hayli (cookies) which is fine. i like cookies. they are good. we dont have a christmas tree or gifts. all we have are lights on the outside and that is because i put them up becuase i was board one day. i really dont want anything for christmas except for a bike but that i can live with out for now. um i have everything and more but no one to share it with. i talked to santa and asked him for somthing well not really a thing but he said that is wasnt posible so i called him a bitch and he blocked me (this was on aim) lmao. santa suck ass. i wonder if he is even real. lol. o well everyone is doing something for the next three days except me. i feel left out. on one wanted to talk to me on aim today. bummer. i dont know wat i am going to do to not get in trouble. becuase when i have nothing to do or no one to talk to i usually go do stupid things like spray paint or somthing that i am not really proud of smoke. not cool never smoke people that havnt. it is like a habbit but i am trying really hard not to do it anymore. i dont like to tell people about my problems becuase they think i am lying. lol i wish i was lying. if only i could take back everything that i did wrong for the last year. all the bad choses have cost me a whole christmas. i will stop talking about my problems now and talk about other people. if u want to talk to me i will be on aim or call 250 8132. andre is doing good this year for christmas i am happy for him he is acually have a good christmas. he has his dad so that is good. he would be a nice guy if andre gives him a chance which i think he is. um ashleigh i guess is having a good christmas i really havnt talked to her about christmas. she seems happy with her bf which is good for her. travis isnt having the best christmas but it is better than mine. he cant hang out with me or andre anymore from wat i understand. hayli she is a really nice person once u get to know her. i hope she has a nice christmas. and that is really all i have to say.

Merry Christmas to everyone
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